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How to Handle Audition Feedback Oct 05, 2021

When it comes to auditions – we spend a lot of time thinking about the lead up. You’ll be practising, practising, practising… until you can’t practise any more. The...

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How to Prepare for Audition Day Sep 07, 2021

When it comes to auditions, we like to think we know our stuff! After all, audition preparation is exactly what we do best. From mindset, to repertoire, performance and casting. 

One of the...

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Physical Health and Mental Health = One Health Nov 17, 2020

I am so sorry that you are hurt.  I am so sorry that you are hurting.  Your physical injury is clear to see, the scar, the bruise, the swelling and splint. And although I...

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The Problem with Perfectionism Oct 20, 2020

When I wrote my dissertation on perfectionism for my degree, I had no idea how much there was to it. I thought I'd just found a subject I could relate to and would genuinely enjoy researching....

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