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Ceili O'Connor & Sophie Linder -Lee


Learn from PYR LDN's Ceili O'Connor and/or Sophie Linder-Lee and explore Vocal Balance singing techniques that'll help you simplify the way you sing. 

Vocal Balance, led by Julie Gossage and Richard Halton, has become a renowned singing teaching team worldwide, helping people produce flexible, healthy and strong vocals. Combined with the holistic approach to training from PYR LDN, your Vocal Balance singing lessons with us will help you to access range, reach new heights and reduce any internal pressure that limits your performance.  

The technique is based on the Italian concept of 'Bel Canto', which means 'Beautiful Singing'. Our singing voices can often fatigue or become strained over time, particularly if not using healthy techniques for your singing or warm ups, or if you are singing for long periods of time. The Vocal Balance technique specifically targets these challenges, teaching you ways to manage your singing voice for years to come! 

Aimed at any performing arts professionals, graduates and those looking to start out - you'll work directly with PYR LDN Founder Ceili O'Connor and or PYR LDN's In-house Life coach/mentor  Sophie Linder-Lee to bring together these techniques and expand your vocal capacity. Available as a single lesson or in discounted packages of 5 or 10 lessons. 

It is not about being perfect - it is about aiming to master your craft whilst being compassionate, kind & creating the healthy, balanced life you deserve. Let's get started!

Once you make your payment, you will be able to select your date and time and whether you’d like to join me in person or online!

* If you book our block of 5 you have 75 days to complete your sessions. If you book 10, you have 150 days. If you book a 1:1 drop in then you'll need to schedule your session within 1 month. 


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You can purchase your Vocal Balance singing lessons with Ceili or Sophie as either a single session, a bulk of 5 sessions or a bulk of 10 sessions. By purchasing in bulk, you save!


Check out our Rep Revamp service below! 

If you would like to completely revamp your audition repertoire before you start working on your singing technique then check out our popular 'Rep Revamp' service. 2 x 30 mins sessions. 

This is where it all began for us here at PREP YOUR REP LDN. 

Meet our Vocal Balance singing teachers

Ceili O'Connor

Ceili is a qualified Vocal Balance singing teacher and is also the Founder at Prep Your Rep LDN. Ceili brings together years of experience in the Performing Arts industry with her experience as PYR LDN founder and working with so many graduates and performing arts professionals, and combines this with her Vocal Balance training for the ultimate triple-whammy. If you're ready to take your singing to the next level and learn techniques that'll look after your voice, get in touch! 

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Sophie Linder-Lee 

Sophie is a qualified Vocal Balance singing teacher and is also our in house Life Coach. Sophie's experience as a leading lady, Ensemble member, Swing, Director, Producer, Writer, Comedian (you get the picture) means she has an incredible knowledge of the industry. This alongside being a mentor and coach means Sophie's singing lessons aren't just about becoming a better technical singer. They are about gaining confidence, tapping into your inner child and giving yourself permission to play. 

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