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The program is aimed at individuals who are looking to find their sense of purpose, regain their motivation and rediscover their 'why', in a short-but-intense 12 week timeframe. The overall aim of the course  is to give you the confidence, preparation and motivation to step into an audition room and show them what you are capable of. We will prepare you for specific roles and shows as well as building a profile of roles and shows that are best suited to you. The program is made up of Weekly 1:1s lasting 45 minutes a session, each with Founder of PYR LDN - Ceili O’Connor & PYR LDN’s coach Sophie Linder - Lee. Split into three individual modules, we'll focus on Confidence Building, Casting/Repertoire, and finally - audition prep. You'll complete the course feeling primed and ready to face your upcoming auditions like a boss.

You will also have FREE access to our PYR LDN ONLINE COMMUNITY during your 120 days. Access to our monthly green rooms, challenges, discussions and much more. A great to space to collaborate with other performers and stay on top of castings, auditions. It’s also great to meet new, like minded people. 

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The first month will be working together to create a program that is tailored specifically to you, your wants and needs. We will explore which areas you’re struggling with & where we need to spend more time. We talk about the ‘business’ side of being a performer and how we can lean into that to further ourselves. We will give you the confidence to work on projects you’ve been putting off. This will also be time to set our goals together for the next 12 weeks. This is so you have a clear path and can see what it is you’re working towards.


The second month will be working through our “Casting confidence program” together. Exploring Identity, self judgement, leaning into your lane & learning ‘What serves you best?’ We will also refresh your repertoire using our PYR LDN method & practioning techniques to make the most of your audition process & prep. We will be working on script together and building our confidence with text work & discovering areas you’ve been avoiding that might be holding you back.



Do you ever worry show material will come through for a dream show or role and you have to learn it in a short space of time? This leads you to going in the room unprepared without as much confidence as you could have if you were given more time ? Well this month is all about avoiding this and putting together a folder of repertoire of shows and roles you want to be “audition ready” for. It’s all about prepping like a boss & career mapping!


The ultimate in transforming your career and mindset! Sign up today for the 12 Week Intensive and take action on your performing arts career.


See what others have to say:


Who thought that one session where i had no intention of doing anything like this has turned into something I am very passionate about! Producing my first West End Concert!

Nathan Coulson


I’ve just been doing exactly what we talked about of completely being myself and taking control of the audition room and its been so empowering. It has helped me with my confidence SO much.

Freya Humberstone


“I’d been feeling really lost in my casting, so I knew the course would be valuable to me. In the first session we had such amazing discussions, opening my eyes to a new way of looking at my castability.”

Eryn Street

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Reserve your space on 12 Week Intensive at PYR LDN. Purchase either in full to make a saving, or pay-in-three monthly payments.


If you sign on to our 12 week intensive you will have full access to our PYR LDN community for up to 120 days. A space for you to interact with our members and join our monthly green rooms online. You’ll find out about job opportunities, auditions, regular motivational messages from our team and much more.